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National Groundwater Surveyor takes the guess work out of locating the best place to drill for water.

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400 gallons per minute!

When you start looking for groundwater a question come to mind. How much water do you need.
NGS has found as little as 1gpm to as much as 5,000gpm. If you are a home owner and your well has gone dry and have drilled two or three dry holes, then 1gpm may be a lot of water to you.
A farmer that has two sections of land with crops and drills a 400gpm well may not be happy with the yield. The point is water is very important to everyone and the yields are relevant to what you are looking to do with that yield. NGS is happy to work with homeowners or ag farmers to help get the highest yield available in the area.

From single family home sites to large agricultural wells, call National Groundwater Surveyor at 800-980-7429.

We also provide Groundwater Surveys in Nevada and Oregon!

Finding Water is what we do WELL!

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