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A Day in the Life of a Groundwater Surveyor in California

California’s recent rainfall has been a topic of discussion in some of our previous blog posts because, after all, the amount of rain we’ve received has been pretty noteworthy. In this post, though, we’ll do something a bit different and explain what it’s like to perform a surveying job in such wet conditions. Consider this a day in the life of a groundwater surveyor in California during an unusually rainy period!

One wet workday

During one recent job, the weather stayed rainy, refusing to let up. Our team did its best to put the wet, uncomfortable conditions out of their minds and focused on completing the most accurate tests possible as part of their seismoelectric surveying process.

Slowly—and damply—but surely, we worked our way through eight of the 10 tests we had planned to perform at our customer’s location. “Eighty percent done!” we thought. “Let’s keep focused and we’ll be able to finish these last two tests easily enough.”

The rain didn’t care about the progress we’d already made or our determination, though. As we worked toward completing test number nine, our truck began sinking into the mud. Despite our best efforts, we realized we were stuck.

We were fortunate to be bailed out by a tractor, putting a much-appreciated end to this unpleasant and unexpected occurrence. At that point, our team knew that we were committed to completing a quality job for our customer, no matter what happened. We persevered and were able to complete the first of the two remaining tests, then the second.

From there, we were able to let the customer know where water was located on the property. Mission accomplished!

What does this story mean for you, a potential customer? National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. is fully prepared and equipped to perform successful groundwater surveying tests even in the wettest and most undesirable conditions.

Our services

When you’re looking for a skilled groundwater surveyor in California to detect groundwater or well water at your location, National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. is here for you. Whether you’re a residential customer looking to drill a dry well with the goal of using water as sustainably and economically as possible, a seller of property, a land developer or a dairy farmer who wants to increase the sustainability of your dairy’s production process, our team has the expert knowledge you need to get the job done.

The use of seismoelectric surveying allows us to detect electrical signals generated by the passage of seismic impulses through soil, sediment and rock. We use this information to determine the location of groundwater and well water. Our surveying equipment will also tell us how far down we’ll have to drill to reach the water, which enables us to take the guesswork out of locating the best place to drill.

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