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A Water Surveyor in California Explains the Seismoelectric Sounding Method

For many people who don’t have access to other water sources, wells are an essential component of residential, commercial and agricultural applications. Even though most people don’t give the well drilling process a whole lot of consideration, it involves a significant amount of planning and careful execution to ensure that the well is able to provide enough quality water.

Before a well is drilled, it is necessary to establish the best location for it—this is where water surveying comes in. A water surveyor in California will carefully examine a location to determine where a well should be drilled for the best chance of success. There are some different methods that might be employed to accomplish this, including seismoelectric sounding. Understanding the seismoelectric approach to water detection can give you some additional context when you begin working with a water surveyor in California to help you establish a water well.

How seismoelectric sounding is used

Seismoelectric survey instruments are frequently used by water surveyors as reliable and effective tools to locate underground water sources. Being able to determine the exact location of water sources is essential. If a well is dug in a location where there is not a sufficient aquifer, it can be a complete waste of time, energy and resources. Seismoelectric sounding can help surveyors find sources of water that are plentiful enough to support reliable water wells.

The first step in seismoelectric sounding involves the creation of a sound wave. As this sound wave moves downward into the earth, it passes through rock and sediment, and then through the underground aquifer. The sound wave causes a disturbance within the aquifer’s water, which causes ions in the water to shift. This shift creates a measurable electrical change that can be measured by the device being used for seismoelectric sounding. The measured electrical disturbances indicate essential pieces of data. They measure the depth of the aquifer as well as its thickness to give the water surveyor in California who is performing the sounding a better idea about whether a well would be successful in a given location.

Once this information has been gathered, the surveyor will mark the location that was tested. A surveyor will often perform a seismoelectric sounding in multiple different locations to find the best possible site for a well.

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