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A Well Surveyor in California Shares Four Benefits of Well Water for Residents

In cities around the United States, the idea of being detached from the water utility system seems like an almost scary thought. While millions of people in urban areas draw their vital water from an interconnected system, people in rural areas are often connected to privately owned wells. Though it might seem like an inconvenience, wells actually offer a greater range of freedom and the ability to regulate water use more diligently than people can in urban centers. For those living in residential areas in California, setting your property up for well water service may be an excellent idea.

Below, we’ll find out from an experienced well surveyor in California the main reasons why digging a well might be the best choice you make this year:

  • Freedom of choice: Unlike a connection to the water utility system, a well is yours to monitor and use as needed. Maybe you are not happy with the water flow to your home, or you have an immediate agricultural need. Either way, a well can help! By having a well drilled, you will be able to leverage the water flowing beneath your property as you see fit. Utility providers are happy to charge you hefty rates to use their water, but why do that when you have your own?
  • Escape from soaring rates: As mentioned above, using your own water source allows you to detach from the costly rate structures of utility providers. When a drought hits, for example, utility providers are happy to jack up your rates and leave you with the bill. With well water, you may pay upfront costs, but you are set for the long run with water at your disposal. Don’t leave yourself open to price hikes!
  • Safety in a disaster: Unlike the larger utility system, your well can be operated in the event of a shutdown. As long as your pumps are able to operate, you will have water. If water filtration centers shut down, city residents are left with two options: finding bottled water or drinking whatever unfiltered water is available. In any case, these options are not ideal. A well can be operated with an external generator if power goes down, making it an ideal choice for riding out a storm or other type of emergency.
  • Water safety is in your hands: Stories like those that emerged out of Flint, Michigan, leave something to be desired when it comes to the faith you put in your community’s water safety. Are officials really testing the water as regularly as they should, or are heavy metals and toxins going unaddressed? With a well, you are in control of your family’s water quality. You can have the water tested as often as you like and take immediate steps to fix any problems you may find. This is not the case with the larger water delivery system, where you have to hope officials are doing the right thing.

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