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August Is Water Quality Month! Protect Our Groundwater with a Few Tips

Keeping our groundwater fresh and clean is important for your personal health, and for the health of the environment. Though you might not necessarily want to be on the front lines, championing for groundwater safety, there are at least a few easy things you can do to ensure that we have good water quality in California. Continue reading to learn a few of these small things that can go a long way:

  • Dispose of medication properly: It can be dangerous to keep old prescription medications lying around, especially if you have young children at home. You never know who might open up those bottles and swallow some pills. So, what’s the solution? Throw them in the trash? Your kid might still find them and swallow a pill. You might instead just dump the pills down the drain or into the toilet. However, while that might be a childproof solution, it’s a major problem for our groundwater. Instead of throwing old medication in the trash or down the drain, return it to a pharmacy or find a drop-off location near you.
  • Don’t hose your driveway: We can all agree that a driveway that’s dirty with oil stains and other car fluids doesn’t look all that great. What’s the best solution to clean it? Lots of people would suggest washing it off with a power washer. Though that’ll get the job done in no time and leave you with a like-new driveway, hosing off driveways is not great for our groundwater. All of those car fluids run down into the drain and end up in our drinking water. Additionally, reconsider washing your car at home. As you might imagine, car washing chemicals aren’t the best for our groundwater!
  • Pick up after your dog: One of the worst parts of owning a dog is picking up their waste. Leaving it in your yard is convenient for you, but what happens when it rains? That’s right, those nasty particles wash down drains and wind up in our water. Take the extra time to pick up after your dog—it’s not that bad as long as you have a bag!
  • Stay away from phosphates: Perhaps the biggest tip for groundwater conservation in California is to avoid using chemicals with phosphates. Laundry detergents and other household cleaners typically have phosphates in them, as they help get your clothes and items clean. Unfortunately, they’re awful for the fish and other wildlife that live in our lakes and streams. Check the back labels of products before you buy them. You’ll find that switching to a phosphate-free cleaner is a small step that makes a real difference!
  • Watch what to put down your drain: In general, just think before you dump things down the drain. If it’s not an organic liquid, toss it in the trash instead of pouring it in the drain. This practice can help the environment and save you from running into plumbing problems down the road.

We’re not asking you to become a full-time advocate for clean groundwater in California—just try to do your part by being mindful of the points above. You’d be surprised at how big of an impact you can make by simply making small changes to your everyday routine.

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