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Building a Well? Call a Groundwater Surveyor First

Finding well water in California is the first step in turning your water well plans into a convenient, sustainable reality. If you’ve reached this step in the process, you likely already know the general process for planning and building your well. But did you know that you should get in touch with an experienced groundwater surveyor before you hire your drilling contractor?

Groundwater surveyors are knowledgeable resources for locating a water well site that provides a substantial, quality source of water—whether your goal is to supply water to your residence or your business. When you hire a groundwater surveyor to make a recommendation for positioning your well, you can have confidence that your well will be placed in a location that yields enough water for regular use.
When it comes to finding well water in California, a groundwater specialist is uniquely trained and qualified to analyze these factors that can help determine the ideal position of your well:

• Landscape: The type of rock found on and under your property can tell groundwater surveyors a few things. Certain kinds of rock are more porous and will be more likely to accommodate the flow of groundwater. The condition of the rock on your land can also matter. Rock that contains lots of cracks and fractures can be better suited for allowing groundwater to run.

• Grade: Low and level ground is the right environment for finding well water. It’s hard to find a reliable source of water on or under hills, and areas that don’t drain effectively are also a challenge. Shallow groundwater—key for maintaining a high performing well—is more likely to be found in valleys or at otherwise even gradations.

• Plants: Depending on the exact environment where you live, the kinds of plants and trees that grow can guide groundwater specialists to a good source. For example, in California, the presence of certain types of trees that thrive in wet areas—such as willows, cedars, redwoods or sycamores—could mark the spots for shallow groundwater.

• Existing wells: Because well owners are required to monitor and report on the performance of their wells, groundwater surveyors can learn a lot from studying the yield of other wells near your property. With this detailed data at hand, it’s easier to project how effectively your well might function under similar conditions.

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Groundwater surveyors have the special skills needed to locate a safe and abundant source of well water. When you work with a groundwater specialist first, you’ll ensure that your drilling contractor can start breaking ground in the best possible place on your land.

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