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Capitalize on the Rainy Season with Groundwater Surveys

It’s finally happening: after multiple years of drought, California is finally getting rain! And not just “some” rain—officials are telling us to brace for extremely heavy rain in the coming months, possibly more than any of us are prepared to handle.

On one hand, contending with so much rain poses a problem, and we need to make sure we have safety measures and plans in place. On the other hand, so much rain will be incredible for our lands, and lead to another benefit: the chance to capitalize on all this rain to have groundwater surveys conducted on properties. Companies offering water locating in California are going to be very busy, and National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. is no exception. Give us a call soon to ensure your property can be inspected for a well that could benefit you for years to come.

What’s going on?

Right now, officials are monitoring the Sierra Nevada Mountains. That’s because, as snow melts, it will bring a hefty amount of water into surrounding areas. Remember the Oroville Dam disaster this past winter? Heavy amounts of rain required mass evacuations nearby, and workers are still trying to fix the damage.

This time, Congress is involved, and everyone is putting their heads together to make sure this same kind of disaster doesn’t happen twice.

Why get a survey?

As one savvy senator noted, California doesn’t get rain in the same amount every year, and some areas simply get no rain at all. That’s why, when it rains, it’s important to take advantage of all this water to invest in water locating in California so we can store up water for dry seasons.

A water well survey can help you identify where you get the most groundwater, and therefore where you might want to install a well. With so much rain, detecting this groundwater will be easier than ever, so it would almost be foolish not to have a survey conducted if you want to build a well. There’s no time like the present, and investing in a survey now can lead to amazing benefits soon after.

Get a survey now

Remember, it’s important to get your property surveyed before you make any building plans. You wouldn’t want to place a well in an area that sees little groundwater flow during the year. That’s why water locating in California is so important. With help from the experts at National Groundwater Surveyor Inc., you can rest assured that you’re discovering the very best place for a well, so you can optimize your well water intake year round. We do a detailed inspection using state-of-the-art techniques to show you the size and depth of your land’s aquifer before you start drilling.

If the rain and drought have taught us anything, it’s that the water supply can be unpredictable. Don’t waste this opportunity to get water locating in California so you can move forward confidently to drilling a well. Give National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. a call today to arrange a visit!

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