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Four Reasons to Hire Us for a Groundwater Survey in California

If you’ve ever considered hiring a company to do a groundwater survey in California, but have never gotten around to making the initial phone call to set up the test, now is the time to do it! Not everyone has a need for groundwater, let alone a survey to find out where it is located, but there are certain folks out there who could really benefit from hiring us to complete a survey. Here are several reasons to consider getting a groundwater survey:

• To possibly supplement your water usage: As you may have noticed, 98 percent of the state of California has been in a drought for about six years now, and it isn’t showing any signs of letting up soon. Hopefully you’re not to the point where you have to ration your water each day, but if you are, hiring us to come to your house and conduct a groundwater survey could be the answer to your prayers. California is actually sitting on an estimated 2.7 billion tons of freshwater that’s just there for the taking. The only problem is accessing it. You could go around and randomly drill wells in hopes of hitting a hypothetical goldmine, but your chances of striking it rich with freshwater are slim to none without a basic idea of where the water might be. A groundwater survey in California is going to give you an extremely accurate picture of the location of any groundwater that’s waiting below your property. If we do spot any water below the surface, you’ll have the ability to install a well and start utilizing it for some (or possibly even all) of your water needs.

• To boost the value of your property: Since water is such an important commodity in California, land sitting on top of a source of groundwater can be much more valuable than you might expect. Even if you’re not currently considering selling your land, it’d be nice to know if you have groundwater so you can raise the asking price if you eventually decide to sell.

• Before you buy a piece of property: You wouldn’t buy a piece of land without hiring a land surveyor, would you? Folks who are considering purchasing land want to know every aspect about the property. Since you want to know all about your land, it only makes sense that you should invest in a groundwater survey to find out what’s going on beneath the ground. If you’re building a new house, it’d be great to know if installing a well is an option instead of paying for city water.

• If you live in the country: If you live outside of city limits, there’s almost a 100 percent chance that being connected to the city water system isn’t even an option. If you want your home to have running water, you’ll need to install a well. Call us to conduct a groundwater survey to pinpoint the exact location where it should be installed.

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