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How Best to Find Groundwater in California

Are you looking for the best way to find groundwater in California for your property? You might have heard about companies that can help you determine the location of water on your property by using equipment that can detect cracks in the earth. While this technique can be successful on occasion in identifying the presence of water, the results can often be incorrect or inconclusive because cracks that are detected may not necessarily indicate the presence of water and could indeed just be cracks.

Alternately, you might hear advice that you can locate groundwater on your property yourself by identifying the areas where trees and crops appear to be the healthiest. This can also frequently be an ineffective method of locating groundwater, because it relies on guesswork rather than specific equipment that is designed to locate well water with a high degree of accuracy.

So, what actually is the most reliable way to locate groundwater? At National Groundwater Surveyor Inc., we use seismoelectric surveying that effectively detects the presence of well water while disturbing your land as little as possible.

Our surveyor begins by placing four copper steel rods into the ground 15 feet apart. Once this is done, the surveyor releases a black powder charge. This results in the creation of a pressure wave underground.

The hope is that one of these waves will successfully make contact with water. Our monitoring system picks up an electrical response when this occurs. The survey instrument system that we use will record the depth of the aquifer and its yield for each electrical response that is detected.

To be sure that the results are correct and that the water supply we have detected will be as accessible, sustainable and safe as possible, we will run this test a total of five times in a particular area where an electrical response is detected.

Next, we’ll record the data that pertain to the areas where electrical responses were picked up and share this information with our geophysicist, Ronald Sorenson. Ronald is often trusted with performing geophysical test evaluations for the state of California and brings more than 30 years of geophysical experience to his work. He will analyze the data to pinpoint the specific location that will be the most effective place to build your well.

Ronald will also consider other factors when determining the area of your property that best lends itself to building a well, such as whether any other wells are located close by or there are relevant geological features for your area, such as saltwater that might be prevalent in a coastal location.

We then develop a report that details the depth and yield of groundwater for the area we have identified as the best spot to install a well.

Take the guesswork out of locating groundwater in California by working with experts who use the most advanced and sophisticated equipment to find water successfully every time. National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. provides services for a wide variety of properties, including homes, development sites, farms, commercial locations and more.

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