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How to Determine Where to Build Your Water Well

Although we don’t usually notice that it’s under our feet, groundwater is a vital resource for many Americans. According to the National Ground Water Association, 44 percent of the population of the United States relies on groundwater for drinking water, either through a public water supply or private well.

Building your own private water well comes with the benefit of allowing you to use a renewable source of water. Throughout most of the country, the groundwater supply replenishes itself naturally over time. This renewal could help ensure that you have an adequate supply of water for your home or business for years to come. Of course, the first step is finding well water in California so you’ll know where to place your well.

Hiring a survey team

The best way to locate a usable source of water is to work with an experienced groundwater surveyor. Professionals are equipped with the latest technology and knowledge for finding well water in California, and you can be sure that a thorough inspection will be completed to help you decide where to put your well.

With the help of a groundwater surveyor, you’ll identify a site on your property to be tested for an adequate supply of water. Working with a professional typically means that the test will be done with minimal disturbance to your land. National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. uses four copper steel ground rods embedded into the earth to help detect the presence of water. We set off a black powder charge, which creates a pressure wave underground. When one of the waves comes into contact with water, our monitoring system picks up an electrical response. We run this test five times to make sure that our findings are accurate and complete.

Collecting data

When our detection system receives an electrical response, the data is recorded and catalogued for our review. This testing process allows us to gather information about the depth of an aquifer and the volume of water it yields. We use this information to pinpoint the best possible location for your well. The data tells us whether a water supply is easily accessible, sustainable and safe.

After we’ve completed our data collection, we present the findings to our geophysicist for careful analysis. The geophysicist reviews and interprets the data to help locate an ideal place to build your water well. During this analysis, our geophysicist may also take other factors into account, including yields of nearby wells and other geological considerations. We compile all of these findings into a customized report for your review.

Finding well water to meet your needs

National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. is ready to help you plan for your water well. We specialize in testing water supplies for a variety of properties, including homes, farmland, development sites, businesses and even golf courses. We have extensive experience with many types of water well projects, so get in touch with us if you need help finding well water in California or you’d like to explore options for building your well.

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