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How to Find Water for a Well

If you’re thinking about having a well installed on your property, you’ve possibly gotten to the part of the process where you’re preparing to find a spot to drill. If so, it’s time to call National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. We’re experts at water locating in California, so you can rest assured that when we come to your property, we’ll be able to professionally guide you in the placement of your future well.

A lot of people don’t know exactly what goes into drilling a well, much less the process involved in targeting the right spot. With that in mind, here is a helpful outline of what our experts will do when we visit your property:

  • Choosing a spot to start: When our team of representatives visits the property, the first step is to choose a spot on the site to start searching for water. Don’t worry—we can help you here, too. Once the starting location is determined, a series of testing steps can begin.
  • Installing the test equipment: First, we’ll get four ground rods and put them in a row 15 feet apart. The rods are made of copper steel, and will be planted about three feet deep in your ground.
  • Setting off the charge: After the rods in place, we’ll set off a controlled black powder charge. This charge will in turn create a pressure wave. This wave will travel deep into the ground and, if it encounters a water-bearing zone, it will create an electrical response. Our seismo-electric survey instrument is very important at this point, as it will pick up on this electrical spike. Each such signal will be carefully recorded, and taken together, this information will tell our team some vital information about the depth and potential yield of the discovered aquifer.
  • Reading the results: This recorded information is considered to be “raw data,” and will be referred to our skilled geophysicist for analysis and interpretation. Once he’s made a thorough study of the data and processed everything, he will put together a detailed report for you to look at. In order to get a complete reading of your options, you’ll need to have a set of five tests performed.

Locating well water in California is an unobtrusive process with our team, and we’ll treat your property with care. Here are the basic steps you can expect to observe with our tests:

  1. Installation of the 4 copper steel rods
  2. 1/2” by 2’ deep hole drilled in the center of the four rods
  3. Attachment of the antenna cable for seismo-electric survey instrument
  4. Installation and discharge of powder
  5. Collection of raw data
  6. Detachment of antenna
  7. Marking of each potential spot with a numbered flag

When it comes to accurate water locating in California, no one beats the experts at National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. We’ll ensure your land is left in great condition, and most importantly, that you have accurate information about where to drill your new well. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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