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How Water Well Companies Benefit from Groundwater Surveys in California

Groundwater surveys are highly beneficial for a lot of different industries, companies and individuals, including water well companies. After all, such surveys make it possible to map out exactly where groundwater is located and how it flows in a particular area.

Why exactly is this so important for water well companies? Think of it this way—you wouldn’t jump into a car, bus or train with a destination in mind but no idea of how to get there. You’d need a map or a GPS system to guide you along the way to ensure you don’t waste your time and end up in the wrong city. The same is true with a groundwater map. Having an accurate overview of where groundwater is flowing ensures water well companies don’t waste their time and money by digging in the wrong places and attempting to create a well where there isn’t actually any groundwater to access. Removing this guesswork is extremely important for these companies to be able to thrive.

Today’s groundwater surveys

Thanks to some crucial advances in surveying technology, no longer do water well companies have to leave any aspect of finding groundwater up to chance. It’s hard to believe, but we aren’t that far removed from the days of water dowsing, in which a dowser would use a divining rod to determine exactly where groundwater flowed beneath the surface of the earth. This was an unreliable practice, to say the least!

Now, however, there are seismoelectric tools and other geophysical techniques used in locating groundwater and creating maps of where it’s located.

While hiring a groundwater surveying company in California might seem like a large initial expense, the truth is that it’s the best way to save money as a water well company. You need an accurate survey to know exactly where the groundwater is located before you start digging. You know exactly how much money it costs to excavate a well. Imagine having to do it several times on a single piece of property just because you didn’t know exactly where the groundwater was. Not only would this cost you a lot of money, but it would almost certainly anger the property owner, who now has multiple big holes on their lot.

Not having to re-drill wells because of error in finding groundwater saves man hours and a whole lot of money. Getting the job done right the first time around is valuable and absolutely imperative in today’s world where the technology to do so exists.

Thanks to this technology, it’s now a better time than ever to be in the water well business, because there’s much more science and much less guesswork involved in locating and drilling for groundwater. Of course, you’ll need to work alongside a skilled groundwater surveyor to ensure you get to that water efficiently.

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