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Maximize Your Groundwater with Help from a Water Surveyor in California

The recent rainstorms are a welcome respite after a long period of drought. While it may seem like they provided the relief we needed, the effects of dry weather will not go away that easily. If you want enough groundwater for your residential or agricultural needs, you need to work with an expert like National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. to maximize your well output. Here is how a water surveyor in California can help you meet that goal.

Technology and expertise

Effective wells have good water sources. To find them, we use seismo-electric survey instruments. The technology finds the best spots to drill a well.

The seismo-electric devices locate signals created by seismic impulses through soil, sediment and rock. When they come across water, it feeds back specific signals that let us know where the water is located and how much is underground. This reduces the chances of making a drilling effort only to find a dry well.

Even with the storms, you need to find the best water source so you are less likely to dry out a well and need us to visit again to find a new site. This method works successfully in a variety of arid environments in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Without this technology, you risk drilling only to find no water, or you drill a well that is woefully inadequate and must create a new one later. Seismo-electric surveys used by skilled workers reduce the chances that drilling efforts end with a lack of water.

Besides the technology, you also need experience. We contract with a geophysicist with 30 years of local and international experience. This provides extra reassurance, because the equipment does not help much if you do not have the appropriate expertise behind it.

How we do it

We start by installing four ground rods 15 feet apart in a row. Black powder charges set off seismic waves and recording equipment notes any disturbances. The signal indicates the presence of water. Once we complete the testing, we provide a report so you have an accurate underground survey of your land.
Flags mark the best spots for the well. Once we set them, we remove the equipment and you can use the report to decide where to build your well. Sometimes, a point between two good sources will provide you with good water supply for years to come. Your well contractor will know how to interpret the data to find the best location.

This works well for homes and agricultural properties. Food production and dairies are very reliant on well water, and it is essential to find a good source. We also perform this service for developers. Finding water before building assures every residential and commercial property has access to it. Building plans can change to adjust to the best well location, so it is better to find it first. The intention is to find the most water for the money, since drilling a new well is an expense you likely wish to avoid.

If you would like to take advantage of a seismo-electric survey from a water surveyor in California to find the best groundwater source on your property, call National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. today. You may schedule an appointment or request an estimate before we visit.

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