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The First Step to Building a Well

In our considerable experience doing well surveys in California, we’ve become experts in locating the best places to drill a well. Our work is crucial to farms, vineyards and pretty much any big tract of land being developed—especially here in California, where we’ve been experiencing serious drought conditions for basically as long as anyone here’s been alive.

Because of the scarcity of water in the western and southwestern United States, one of the most important steps in starting any new agricultural or food production business is finding a good place to drill a well. Below, we’ll explain the methods we use to locate the best place on your land to drill.

Our process

We use electronic seismic equipment to test the land for water. Our material can locate water up to 1,500 feet deep.

We begin a well survey in California by first installing multiple ground rods in a row, and then setting off a controlled black powder charge. The charge causes a pressure wave that our surveying devices track. The devices read the pressure waves very similarly to radar waves, actually getting a “picture” of what things are like underground. We can see what’s solid rock, what’s soil and where there is water beneath us.

We collect and analyze that data to make absolutely sure that we’ve found the right locations. We then mark the spots clearly so the drilling company can find the correct places without issue. For many of our customers, we don’t just mark one spot; we mark numerous spots for future wells.

Why our well surveys are important work

With the information we provide you, you can then get your well drilling permit, and hire a drilling company—we have some companies we trust, if you’d like a recommendation. They’ll bring out an industrial boring machine, drill your well (which may be hundreds of feet deep) and set up the system of pumps that will make your well usable.

Without the work we do, hundreds of homes, and small and large farms, would not have the water necessary for daily subsistence. In California, our farming—especially our dairy farming—wouldn’t be possible without well water. Most of our large dairy clients require new wells drilled quite regularly to be able to keep up with the pace of production.

Our well water surveying service helps take the guesswork out of this and keep these farms working within their correct profit margins, without slowdowns or the need to import water. Anyone who has ever eaten cheese from a California cow, or eaten a California orange, or sipped a California wine, has enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

Get a reliable well survey in California

If you need a well dug, the first step is to secure a well survey in California. At National Groundwater Surveyor Inc., we’ve been performing well surveys in the area since 2003, so you know you can trust us to do the job right. Give us a call today. Our rates can’t be beat, and we doubt you’ll find anyone more reliable or more eager to get the job done.

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Finding Water is what we do WELL!

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