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What Role Does a Geophysicist Play in Finding Well Water in California?

Are you planning on having a well installed on your property and are curious about the mechanics and science behind the process? Learn more about seismoelectric surveying and the role a geophysicist plays in finding well water in California by reading ahead!

What is seismoelectric surveying?

When you hire National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. for groundwater surveying, we’ll work with you to find a site on your property that will work best for installing a well. Our goal is to perform our testing with minimal disturbance to your land, and the proprietary system that we use will take the guesswork out of locating the best place to drill for water.

Our surveyor will place four copper steel rods into the ground 15 feet apart to locate the presence of water. Upon setting off a black powder charge, a pressure wave is created underground. Our monitoring system will detect an electrical response when one of these waves makes contact with water. Our survey instrument system records the depth and yield of the aquifer for these signals.

We will perform this test five times to be sure that our findings are as accurate and conclusive as possible to ensure that the water supply we have located is accessible, safe and sustainable.

What role does the geophysicist play?

Once we have the data that indicate where electrical responses were detected, we’ll record and catalogue the data for our geophysicist, Ronald Sorensen. Ronald has more than 30 years of geophysical experience in California and abroad, and is fully trained in the proprietary seismoelectric survey equipment used by National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. The state of California also relies on him as an expert for its geophysical test evaluations.

When performing work for our clients, Ronald reviews and interprets the data and determines the best location for building your well. As part of his analysis, he may also incorporate other factors into his determination, such as data about any nearby wells and any other geological nuances relevant for your specific area, such as bedrock fractures or the presence of saltwater in aquifers located in a coastal area.

At this point, we combine his conclusions with our surveyor’s findings to prepare a report. This document provides details about the estimated depth and yield of groundwater for the area of your property that we have determined to be the best location for installing a well.

Does seismoelectric surveying sound like the process that makes the most sense for you when it comes to finding well water in California? If so, National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. is here to assist you in planning for your well.

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