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Why Well Water Is Important Even During California’s Record Rainfall

After the drought conditions that California has experienced in recent years, it’s been somewhat of a relief to see some of the heavy rains we’ve had recently. If you haven’t done anything to store the water from these rainy periods, it’s worth taking the time to think about how you will handle groundwater in California.

Storing water

While rains have been heavy lately, this may not always be the case—and there may not be as much of it to store as you might think. Climate change has resulted in less snow accumulation in the winter for California. The snow we receive is beneficial because water is produced in smaller increments once the snow begins melting, which allows water to be stored.

As the climate warms, California has been receiving more rain than snow, with heavier rains predicted as time passes. Such large quantities of rain can quickly deplete the water capacity of California’s reservoirs. Simply put, the amount of rain produced is too much to effectively store. A lack of stored water can lead to the death of many crops come summer.

One way that some farmers are storing water is by flooding some of the acres on their properties when water accumulates after a heavy rain. This can aid in replenishing water in the state’s aquifers, lowering the chances that wells might dry up down the line, even if California experiences more drought conditions again.

Whether you choose this option or another one to store your water, it makes sense to be proactive now by placing water underground.

Accessing water

Another consideration that may be useful to take into account when it comes to California’s recent rains is accessing the new groundwater that accumulates.

If you have any type of property in the western United States, it’s highly possible that you might not have enough existing water to meet your water needs. This is where seismoelectric surveying comes in.

The professionals at National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. use seismoelectric surveying equipment that can detect electrical signals generated by seismic movement through soil, sediment and rock. This enables us to determine where groundwater or well water is located on a property. Our equipment is capable of detecting water as far down as 1,500 feet.

Our professionals first perform tests of certain areas on a property by flagging locations that are close together. They drill a hole in each spot before using a black powder charge to determine the presence of pressure waves in these spots. The data they collect tells them the most effective areas to drill a well, which will ultimately provide you with accessible, safe water.

If you have questions about storing groundwater in California or accessing water on your property, you want a professional you can trust. For nearly 15 years, National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. has assisted homeowners, farmers, land developers and a variety of other clients in locating groundwater or well water on their properties. We have worked with clients across the western United States, including California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Oregon.

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