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Do You Own Your Groundwater?
If you’re a landowner in California in a more rural area, there’s a good chance you rely on well water for your home’s water supply.

What Exactly Is Groundwater?
More than 50 percent of the United States population relies on groundwater as their primary source of drinking water. This number includes just about everyone

How Water Well Companies Benefit from Groundwater Surveys in California
Groundwater surveys are highly beneficial for a lot of different industries, companies and individuals, including water well companies. After all, such surveys make it possible

Why You Need to Get a Groundwater Survey in California Before You Dig
When you build a new home, establish a business or plant a crop in an area that’s disconnected from the municipal water supply, you will

What IS Seismoelectric Groundwater Testing?
When you think about historical methods of searching for groundwater, you may imagine a farmer pacing a field with a divining rod. Thankfully, we have

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