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Agricultural Services

ArvinSince 2003, National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. has provided our surveying services to customers throughout the states of California, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Oregon, completing more than 15,000 tests in the process. One major category of our surveying is for agricultural properties and clients, such as farmers, land developers, cattle ranchers, dairy farmers and anyone else with a significant amount of rural land who needs to be able to find water on their property.

For an agricultural well a minimum set of 10 tests must be completed per well site. The ten tests must be 70 feet or less apart.

Here is a little bit more information about how people who work in the agricultural industry can benefit from the services of a groundwater surveyor in California:

  • Finding wells: One of the biggest factors impacting the world of agriculture and food production in general in the western and southwestern United States is the scarcity of water. Farmers make use of a wide variety of different water management systems, but occasionally new wells are needed. National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. uses state-of-the-art seismic electric equipment to test farmland for water, providing you with estimates for the depth and yield of water below the ground as deep as 1,500 feet. This allows you to take all of the guesswork out of your decision to drill.
  • Dairy: The dairy industry is of enormous importance in California. Water is the most valuable resource to a dairy farmer, and dairy farms constantly need to develop new wells to be able to continue production. National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. is able to work with local dairies to help them reduce the costs typically associated with digging a brand new well for groundwater in California, thanks to our accuracy and detailed information we provide in all of our surveys. As a result, California dairies are able to be more sustainable.

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