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A new three bedroom single family home for a family of four is projected to use 174,000 gallons of water per year. If your home just doesn’t have enough water, National Groundwater Surveyor, will show you where to drill, before you pay someone to drill a dry well. Knowing what’s below the ground is extremely valuable. See the results for yourself, and contact National Groundwater Surveyor today.


Water scarcity has a huge impact on food production and the ability to provide food for a growing population. Farmers utilize a variety of water management systems, but it is critical to also find ways to save money when new wells are needed. National Groundwater Surveyor uses seismic electric equipment to test the farm land for water and will give you the approximate depth and yield of any aquifers below the ground, down to a depth of 1,500 feet. Take the guess work out of where to drill, so all you hear is the sweet sound of flowing water.


Water can substantially change the price of a piece of bare property or the price of a home with a low producing well. National Groundwater Surveyor can convert that hard to sell property, to one that is in demand. From single family homes to large developments, to golf courses, National Groundwater Surveyor will save you thousands and show you where to drill to keep your families healthy and your gardens green. See the results for yourself and contact National Groundwater Surveyor today, because finding water is what we do well.  

Land Development

The relationship among water, growth and land use is a global problem. Here in California, as our limited water supplies are quickly becoming the number-one environmental issue facing our communities, people, businesses and developers turn to drilling for the answer to more water. But before you drill, it is a wise investment to contact our experienced team at National Groundwater Surveyor. We will take the guess work out of locating the best place to drill for water. Make National Groundwater Surveyor a valuable component in your planning, as you work towards integrating water, growth and land use in your next development.


Conservation is a way of life for California dairy families. They value every resource, especially water. Dairies work in harmony with nature to grow crops, produce healthy dairy products and protect our limited resources. Water is never wasted, but dairies need to develop additional wells, for continued production. Dairies grow much of their own cattle food and this locally grown product also means a greater need for water. To assist valley dairies with reducing costs associated with digging dry wells, National Groundwater Surveyor has become a valuable asset to our California Dairies. Their accuracy in locating good wells not only saves dairy farmers thousands of dollars, but provides them with the necessary water to sustain and grow their dairy farms.

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Finding Water is what we do WELL!

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