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Find Me Another Site!

Our Tipton customer called Jay and said, “Jay, you found me two of my best wells and now I want you to find me another site on a different piece of property.”

2,400 Gallons Per Minute

Our Chowchilla customer drilled on our best test site and the well has a 2,400 gallon per minute yield. Our customer said, “ I will never drill another well unless you test the ground first!”

“You Are King Kong!”

The first field tests for our Madera customer were conducted in 2003. At our best test site, our customer was able to drill a 1,000 gallon per minute well. Since then, we have tested almost once a year finding 650, 1,800 and 2,200 gallon per minute wells. We have a very happy customer.

Frequent Referrals

In 2012 , National Groundwater Surveyor tested eight acres of property in Tollhouse, California, for a husband and wife. We performed eight tests, and at our best site they drilled a well with a 40 gallon per minute yield. In 2014, our customer referred us to their father, and successful tests were just completed for him.

Doubled the Property Value!

Our Malibu customer had salt water in his existing well. National Groundwater Surveyor was able to locate two sites, when drilled, not only had drinkable water, but doubled the price of his property!

“Building a Dream House”

A Clovis couple bought a piece of property to retire on, but before contacting National Groundwater Surveyor, they drilled two dry wells on their property. Now frustrated, but determined to build their dream home, they contacted National Groundwater Surveyor, and Jay located a site that delivered twice as much water needed to get a building permit!

“We Hit Water”

A family of five was looking to build their new home on two acres of bare land. Drilling a well which produced less than the required gallons per minute would delay construction and add to the cost of their new home. Our Madera Ranchos customer contacted us to schedule testing on their land and the best site to drill was selected. Drilling began on the test site. The homeowner checked on the progress and found the driller and the rig covered with mud and dirt. He returned to the house and minutes later went back to speak with the driller only to find the driller clean and the drilling rig looked like it had just been washed…they had hit water.!!!! The well yields 40 gallons of water per minute and today, this family of five is very happy with their new home!

3,500 Gallons Per Minute

A farmer in Selma, California needed water for his Walnut trees. He was in need of another well that produced more than his existing well of 850 gallons per minute. National Groundwater Surveyor Located the best site just .5 miles east of his existing well. The new well is producing 3,500 gallons per minute and the Walnut trees are thriving!

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We also provide Groundwater Surveys in Nevada and Oregon!

Finding Water is what we do WELL!

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