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Where Does Groundwater Come From?
Groundwater is an indispensable part of our existence, and a valuable part of daily life as human beings in a modern age. But as much

Capitalize on the Rainy Season with Groundwater Surveys
It’s finally happening: after multiple years of drought, California is finally getting rain! And not just “some” rain—officials are telling us to brace for extremely

What You Need to Know Before Drilling a New Well
Before you have a well installed on your property, there are a number of steps you need to take to ensure it is a great

How to Find Water for a Well
If you’re thinking about having a well installed on your property, you’ve possibly gotten to the part of the process where you’re preparing to find

What Role Does a Geophysicist Play in Finding Well Water in California?
Are you planning on having a well installed on your property and are curious about the mechanics and science behind the process? Learn more about

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