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Finding Well Water, No Matter the Weather

We finally have rain in California, and it is likely your property is a muddy mess! This can make it difficult to move workers and equipment around your property, but it does not affect the purpose of our job. Finding well water can happen in any type of weather—including torrential rain. Here are five reasons why the services of a groundwater surveyor in California can be effective no matter the conditions:

• We are prepared: If it rains, we bring the needed items to complete your survey. Any equipment that is not waterproof will enjoy protection from the rain using covers and shelters. Our workers and surveyors wear the right gear, and with these efforts, everything will work fine. Mud may slow down walking and moving equipment around your property, but it will never stop us. We know how to work in the rain.

• Testing is underground: Workers and equipment remain at the surface, but most data is collected underground. We place four copper rods in the ground three feet deep and away from the weather. Charges go off beneath the surface and away from the weather, so they are not affected by the rain at all throughout this process. Even if the rain makes a water table rise, we can still give you an accurate reading on the supply of your well and whether it is wise to drill in a particular location.

• Data remains useful: No matter the weather, the data we gather remains useful. The purpose of our visit is to collect data—not drill a well. Even in the worst conditions, we can carry this out. If the rain is heavy enough to affect data, the geophysicist will know that and make appropriate adjustments. You receive the most accurate and illustrative data to make decisions on where to build your well.

• Good marking system: Rather than using paint or chalk, we mark the most productive spots with flags. They withstand the rain, and unless you have a flash flood, they will remain in one place. You will not have to worry about literally losing your place and having to call us again for another survey. We can also indicate good drilling spots by providing mapping data just in case the flags disappear. There are options to assure that you know possible drilling spots no matter the precipitation amount.

• No matter the conditions, you need water: Finding well water is something that simply needs to be accomplished. Rain does not prevent the need to find the best well, especially since we have faced long drought conditions. Since we can adapt to the weather, you do not need to put this off and just assume the water supply will take care of itself. Be prepared and schedule an appointment, and rest assured that a rain shower will not sabotage it.

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