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Groundwater: Myths and Facts

Groundwater is an essential source of life for people and animals on Earth’s surface. Thousands of people across numerous industries rely on groundwater in California to use in their homes, in their business practices or to water agricultural crops.

Despite the fact that so many of us rely on wells and groundwater for everyday life, many people are misinformed about groundwater, where it comes from, if it’s safe and much more. We at National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. are experts in groundwater and want to dispel the myths surrounding it. Here are some of the more popular myths and facts about groundwater:

  • Groundwater isn’t safe: One of the most popular myths about groundwater in California is that it is unsafe or less safe than water pumped into our homes and businesses by local utility providers. In reality, groundwater can be as safe or even safer than locally treated water. The cleanliness of your groundwater ultimately relies on the proper maintenance of your water well. Tests, filters and many other purification methods can be installed in your well to ensure you’re receiving clean, safe groundwater every single day.
  • Groundwater isn’t a significant water source: Some people believe that groundwater isn’t useful because it’s not a significant source of water for civilization. This is completely false. The amount of groundwater available is much larger than our present surface water supply. Billions of gallons of groundwater is pumped each day in the United States for public supply, irrigation and many other applications.
  • Groundwater isn’t a renewable resource: There is a myth that once we pull all the water from the ground, it will not replenish and we will have to find other sources of water, but this is not true. Groundwater is, in fact, a renewable resource. Groundwater continues as part of the natural water cycle and filters back into the ground. However, it does take time for groundwater reservoirs to replenish, which requires careful consideration of how much groundwater can be pumped in some areas.
  • Groundwater is very old: Another myth is that the water pumped from underground aquifers is thousands of years old. Really, the water we pull from the ground is likely only a few years to a few decades old, due to the fact that groundwater flows and is part of the natural water cycle, being replenished by rainwater.
  • Groundwater and surface water are separate: Some people believe that there is no relationship between water found in underground reservoirs and water found in streams, rivers and lakes on the Earth’s surface. Groundwater actually provides the flow to many streams, which feed bodies of water above ground.

We can help you understand groundwater on your property

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