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Installing a Well? Why Seismoelectric Surveying Is More Effective Than Water Dowsing in California

Are you a land developer, homeowner, farmer or anyone else who needs to find the best location for drilling a well? If so, you may have heard of the term “water dowsing” and are wondering whether it’s a good choice for your property. Below, we’ll take a look at water dowsing in California, as well as another technique that is much more effective in producing detailed results.

Water dowsing

First, let’s look at what water dowsing is. The process of water dowsing, which you may have also seen referred to as “water witching” or “divining,” involves determining the location of groundwater by surveying a property while holding a tool such as a pair of L-shaped rods, pendulum or forked stick.

When the surveyor is near a location that has the potential to be a good source of groundwater, the rods, stick or other tool will begin to turn in their hands and rotate in the direction of the ground. Those who believe in the effectiveness of dowsing to locate water perceive that an area that is a good spot to install a well contains forces that will cause their rods, stick or other tools to detect a response.

However, this method is not considered to be entirely effective, as it is not based on a scientific process. Many hydrologists and geologists don’t believe that evidence exists to show that dowsing is consistent and accurate, and research has shown on multiple occasions that dowsing is an inefficient technique for surveying. In fact, past research has found that even the most accurate dowsers were only .04 percent more correct than a “mid-line guess.”

Seismoelectric surveying

So, if water dowsing isn’t a recommended method to locate water on your property, what technique works best? At National Groundwater Surveyor Inc., we use seismoelectric surveying, which is highly effective when it comes to finding the best spot to drill a well.

In seismoelectric surveying, a groundwater surveyor uses equipment that is capable of detecting water as far down as 1,500 feet by producing a pressure wave that creates an electrical response as it passes through soil, sediment and rock. The professional will then perform tests by flagging locations that are close together on this particular area of the property, followed by drilling a hole in each spot. At this point, they use a black powder charge to determine the presence of pressure waves and can work from there to identify the most effective area to drill a well.

Now that you’re up to speed on what water dowsing in California and seismoelectric surveying entail, you may be feeling ready to look into hiring a seismoelectric surveying company.

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