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Save Time and Money with a Groundwater Surveyor in California

Drilling a well on your own property is a great long-term investment—one that, if executed with proper care and planning, will serve you well for many years to come. But before you flip through the Yellow Pages or search Google to find the well drilling company that’s closest to you, take a minute to reconsider your options. There are many reasons why it’s much better to hire a groundwater surveyor in California instead. Read on to learn more.

Save time

If you decide to go the traditional route and hire a well driller right away, there’s a good chance you won’t hit viable groundwater on the first attempt. Rather, you’re likely to encounter low-quality, low-yield or even completely unusable water. That means you’ll be spending a lot more time trying to find water for your well than you should have to. With a certified groundwater surveyor in California, a representative can perform accurate tests to detect the best water reserves the first time, saving you a lot of unwanted drilling.

Prevent property damage

Even worse than waiting around for the well driller to find the right spot is watching as the drilling process destroys your property. While a comprehensive well test from a groundwater surveyor does not damage your lawn, drilling on it certainly will. You’ll have to deal with torn up grass, deep holes and even long-lasting environmental damage due to shifts in the earth caused by drilling. All of this is completely unnecessary when a certified groundwater surveyor could tell you where to drill on the first try.

Use your money wisely

Drilling a well is an investment, and you want to use your resources wisely. That’s why hiring a well driller to find water might not be your best option: multiple drillings mean a higher bill for you. Play it smart, get the tests and spend your money with a good well driller afterward.

Take advantage of experience

A well driller who comes to your property will dig wherever you tell them to dig. This is great if you know for sure where to start, but very intimidating if you do not. A ground surveyor, on the other hand, will test your property carefully and let you know where to drill.

Take advantage of technology

A groundwater surveyor in California worth his salt will come prepared with state-of-the-art equipment. For example, when you work with National Groundwater Surveyor Inc., our surveyor will arrive with an advanced seismo-electric survey instrument system that will emit electrical signals when it finds a water-bearing zone. After collecting an extensive set of data, the surveyor will bring it to our skilled geophysicist, who will interpret it and draw up a full report just for you, with detailed information about optimal well digging locations on your property.

Ask yourself: do you want to save time, save money, protect your property and have the best well location possible? If the answer is yes, call National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. today and learn more about how we can serve you.

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