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The Groundwater Foundation Has Merged with the NGWA Foundation

What happens when you bring together two groundwater preservation powerhouses? We can’t wait to find out! In June, we all received the exciting news that the Groundwater Foundation has completed its merger with the NGWA (National Ground Water Association) Foundation for Groundwater. As a local groundwater surveyor, we are excited to see how this merger will benefit our groundwater in California and our communities.

What are the Groundwater Foundation and the NGWA Foundation?

To better understand why this merger is important and how it can benefit our resources here in California, it’s important to be familiar with these two main water preservation organizations:

  • Groundwater Foundation: This is a non-profit organization that was started in 1985 in Lincoln, Nebraska, where it is still based today. The mission of the Groundwater Foundation is to connect people, businesses and communities through local groundwater education and action, making us all part of the solution for clean, sustainable groundwater.
  • NGWA (National Ground Water Association) Foundation for Groundwater: The NGWA, which was established in 1948 and is headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, is a non-profit professional society and trade association. Members of the NGWA Foundation include groundwater experts such as scientists, engineers, suppliers, manufacturers and more. The vision of the NGWA is to be the leading groundwater association advocating for responsible development, management and use of water.

Why the merger?

This merger means that both organizations will be able to grow and strengthen their networks, which means expanding programs, providing new tools and resources and, most importantly, having a bigger impact nationwide on the management and preservation of our nation’s groundwater. Together, these organizations’ joint efforts will also be able to advance local knowledge on groundwater through community outreach, education and even professional development.

What does this merger mean for groundwater in California?

The merger of the Groundwater Foundation and the NGWA Foundation for Groundwater means that California will have access to a greater resource of information, tools and community outreach opportunities. It will also mean utilizing one source for education, expanding networking opportunities and training and developing our groundwater professionals and stakeholders locally.

Overall, this merger means that California, along with the rest of the nation, will have greater access to tools and resources to better manage our groundwater and preserve this valuable resource for future generations.

What does this merger mean for our company?

At National Groundwater Surveyor Inc., we work hard to not only help our individual clients gain access to the groundwater resources they need, but also to ensure that these resources are managed in a responsible way.

We understand what a valuable resource groundwater in California is, not only for our residential and agricultural purposes here in California, but for our environment as a whole. The merger means that our company will also have the benefit of the resources provided by this merger to better serve our customers and our community.

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