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Three Tips to Avoid Dry Drilling: Info from a Water Surveyor in California

If you do not live in a highly populated area that has an existing systems of water pipes and pumps, you will likely be relying on aquifers (groundwater) to give you the clean, fresh water you need via wells. However, you need to be careful during the process of drilling out your well to ensure that you are not actually drilling into a dried up well.

There are several precautions you can take to drastically decrease the chances of dry drilling, saving you a whole lot of money and time in the process. Therefore, if you know your only source of drinking water is going to be an aquifer, make sure you know how to avoid dry drilling and hire a company that will take the appropriate precautions.

Here are a few tips we have as a water surveyor in California to help you in this regard.

Always find the water before you begin drilling

The vast majority of well drillers get paid by the foot, whether or not they actually find water. This means that there is not much incentive for the drillers to spend the extra energy and time making sure you already know where the water is. This also means that unless you already know where the water is, you could waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars on drilling into dry wells.

Instead of drilling a test well, you should consider having a groundwater survey done on your property. Using seismoelectrics is the best, most reliable way to find groundwater and is a cost-effective method, and will help you pinpoint where the water is located.

Know exactly how deep your groundwater is, and its yield

The advanced seismoelectric instruments used by water surveyors allow those surveyors to map out the water and its transmissivity from the surface. The surveyor can then estimate the yield of that water in gallons per minute (or liters per second).

The best instruments will also detect electrical signals generated by seismic impulses passing through layers of rock, soil and sediment. The depth from which these signals originate can then be estimated, which gives an idea as to how far down the groundwater is located. In this way, the surveyor can also have an accurate idea of the quality of the aquifer. All of this technology makes groundwater surveying more accurate than it’s ever been.

Do not cheap out on your surveyor and equipment

Only trust the best when it comes to surveying equipment. Any trustworthy surveyor will have the latest technologies at their disposal to use in finding and measuring your groundwater. Remember: not all surveyors and water well companies have the same level of expertise, so choose a surveyor you can rely on to get the job done efficiently and accurately.

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