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Where Does Groundwater Come From?

Groundwater is an indispensable part of our existence, and a valuable part of daily life as human beings in a modern age. But as much as we rely on it, we sometimes don’t know a lot about where it really comes from. At National Groundwater Surveyor Inc., it is our job to know how groundwater comes to be, and most importantly, how you can tap into this groundwater for your own well.

If you’re looking into drilling a well on your property, make sure to call ahead of time for expert groundwater locating in California. In the meantime, here are a few fun facts you should know about groundwater before you get started!

What is the source of groundwater?

As part of a multi-step cycle, groundwater can be derived from a number of sources, including hail, snow and sleet. When these types of water fall from the sky, they are absorbed into the ground thanks to gravity, passing rocks, gravel, soil and sand particles as they go. At a certain depth, the ground becomes saturated—this is commonly known as the saturation zone—and that’s where the water stops.

Part of the amazing cycle of life is that, even if you aren’t taking advantage of the groundwater on your property, other living things are. Groundwater helps allow plants to grow, and in turn, these plants feed local wildlife. Additionally, groundwater can sometimes rise to the surface in the form of water pools like springs, which also helps to sustain plant and animal populations.

What groundwater should I use?

As a company with years of experience in groundwater locating in California, we can tell you with certainty that some parts of your property will be better than others for well drilling, simply because not all areas of groundwater are the same. In other words, some spaces of land will have a deeper aquifer than others, where the saturated area underground holds more water than other underground areas. The size of the aquifer can be very small—sometimes just a few acres—or very big—even as large as several thousand square miles!

How can I access this groundwater?

The most important first step to utilizing your groundwater is to call for expert groundwater locating in California. Sometimes water does rise to the surface naturally through springs, but if you have a great aquifer under your property that stays beneath the surface, you’ll need to install a well to access it.

First, the experts at National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. will perform a detailed analysis of your property using our state-of-the-art equipment. We’ll give you a full report of where the best areas are for you to drill a borehole. A professional well installation company will take care of this drilling, as well as such later steps as the installation of the pump and filter systems.

Give National Groundwater Surveyor Inc. a call today. We’ll do the preparatory legwork for you, so you can start enjoying fresh, plentiful well water before you know it!

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